• Karatedo into the Olympics - letter of request to Mr Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister of Japan

    On December 22, 2014, six officials visited the Prime Minister's official residence and submitted a letter to Mr Shinzo Abe, the Prime Minister of Japan, to address a petition to the IOC and JOC for the inclusion of Karatedo as an official sport in (...)

  • Premier League 2015 - Egypt and Brazil join the WKF Premier League

    The calendar of the Karate1 Premier League for 2015 has been disclosed. A total of 8 events are planned. As it is the case since the creation of the WKF Premier League, Paris will open the season in January, and this year Okinawa will do the closing (...)

  • Closing 2014 with good news

    It was really delightful news for us to hear that the “Olympic Agenda 2020” recommendations were approved at the recent extraordinary session of the International Olympic committee (IOC). After the decision of the IOC Session held in (...)

  • The WKF welcomes the National Federation of Kosovo

    The World Karate Federation announces the new membership of the National Karate Federation of Kosovo under the leadership of its President, Mr Fadil Arifi. The WKF Executive Committee has now confirmed the provisional membership of the Kosovo NF (...)

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