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YouTube views have reached the 10 million mark!


Launched in August 2012, the Official WKF YouTube Channel has immediately been a success and is continously growing since this date. In only 5 months, 1 millions views have been counted up, and we have now reached the 10 millions views! It makes it one of the best launch of an official federation's channel and we thank you for that!

What makes the success of the channel
- An invaluable content with HD quality videos, that gives everyone the opportunity to watch and watch again unforgettable moments of karate.
Currently available : Combats from World Championships 2012, World Combat Games 2013, European Championships 2014,...

- The live Streaming of European and World Karate Championships enriched by the production of exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes.

If you haven't subscribed yet to the channel, join our 47 000 subscribers to be informed of the new videos posted... We will continue uploading videos from the World Combat Games 2013 and European Karate Championships 2014 in next months.
And, of course, we will cover the next World Karate Championships which will take place in Bremen in November 2014.

Key figures:
* 1 million views in the first 5 months of existence
* 100 000 views per day during the 21st World Karate Championships 2012
* The video of the performance of Rika Usami during the 21st World
Karate Championships 2012 has almost reached 1 million views
* 15 videos have more than 100 000 views each
* Almost 50 000 subscribers

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