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WKF to search Karates most spectacular techniques with #MemorableIppon campaign


The search for the best “Ippon” is on! 

The World Karate Federation (WKF) has launched an online campaign to find the most memorable “Ippon” in the history of the sport. Karate’s international governing body is now asking fans from all over the world to send their best “Ippon” to be part of the living history of the discipline. 

Enthusiasts of the sport are encouraged to send videos of “Ippon” happening at any Karate event. Karate’s international organisation will select the best actions and the top videos will be published on WKF’s social media channels. At the end of the year, the WKF will unveil the most spectacular “Ippon” of all times. Fans have now the chance to be included in this list and be recognised among the most popular karatekas.  


Do you want to be featured on WKF Social media channels? Do you want fans from all over the world to see your “Ippon”? Learn how here: 

1. Send your videos to or publish them on your social media channels with the hashtag #MemorableIppon

2. IMPORTANT: The videos must be taken during Karate tournaments. All ages, categories or levels of competition are welcome. Videos of staged “Ippon” or “Ippon” filmed at training sessions will not be accepted. 

3. Do not worry about the quality of the footage. As long as the “Ippon” is visible, it is OK!

4. Any of the different versions of “Ippon” (Mawashi geri, Ura Mawashi geri, Ashi barai, etc...) will be accepted. 

5. Enjoy and be part of the history of Karate! 

Ippon is the highest score in a kumite. Karatekas get 3 points by performing “Jodan” kicks (kicks to the head) or any scoring technique delivered on a thrown or fallen opponent.   

Send your “Ippon” now! 

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