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SportAccord World Combat Games


Karate awarded athletes from all over the world in the World Combat Games 2013. 

With 90 participants from 37 different ries, the karate competition for this second edition of the World Combat Games perfectly illustrates the universality of karate.

Coming from the 5 continents, athletes succeeded each other during 2 days, on the tatamis of the new Spartak Sports Complex in Saint Petersburg. For his second participation in two editions, karate has n through its athletes and their commitment, the values of self-control and determination dear to SportAccord World Combat Games.

SportAccord World Combat Games are an international multi-sport event featuring martial arts and fighting sports . The 2nd edition, held in St. Petersburg from 19th to 26th of October, features 15 Martial Arts and Combat Sports, Aikido , Boxing , Fencing , Judo, Jujitsu , Karate , Kendo , Kickboxing , Muaythai , Sambo, Savate , Sumo , Taekwondo , Wrestling , Wushu .

For karate, competitors were qualified to participate in the WCG 2013 through the placing in the WKF World Senior Championships 2012 ( Paris ) and the Continental Championships 2012 ( UFAK , OKF , AKF ) and Continental Championships 2013 ( European Karate Championships, May 9-12 2013 Budapest, HUN , F , PKF, August 26-31 , Medellin , Colombia ) .

As a result, the 8 best karatekas in the 12 individual categories, competed to win the World Combat Games Champion's titles. If in some categories, the leading karateka of these last years confirmed their status, in others the hierarchy has-been shaken up a little bit , with karateka fighting hard to challenge the leadership of the champions in title. 

The results of the competition awarded athletes coming from 21 different ries, ing the density and the high level of karate all over the World. 


The results:

Kata male:

1. A. Diaz (Venezuela)

2. R. Kiyuna (Japan)

3. I. Moussa (Egypt)

4. M. Dack (France)

Kata female:

1. S. Scordo (France)

2. Y. Martin (Spain)

3. S. Kukomai (USA)

4. H.N. Nguyen (Vietnam)

Female -50kg:

1. S. Ozcelik (Turkey)

2. H. Li (China)

3. A. Recchia (France)

4. B. Plank (Austria)

Female -55kg:

1. M. Kobayashi (Japan)

2. Y. Atiya (Egypt)

3. T. Yenen (Turkey)

4. L. Ignace (France)

Male -60kg:

1. S. Sergey (Russia)

2. K. Kalnins (Latvia)

3. D. Brose Santos (Brasil)

4. A. Kaya (Turkey)

Male -67kg:

1. S. Ahmadikaryani (Iran)

2. K. Redouane (Morocco)

3. G. Ramirez (Colombia)

4. D. Triantafyllis (Greece)

Female -61kg:

1. M. Arreola (Mexico)

2. K. Mah (Australia)

3. O. Stepanova (Russia)

4. A. Buchinger (Austria)

Female -68Kg:

1. F. Mahmoud (Egypt)

2. I. Sheroziia (Russia)

3. C. Murphy (USA)

4. H. Burucu (Turkey)

Male -75kg:

1. R. Agayev (Azerbaijan)

2. L. Busa (Italie)

3. N. Bitsch (Germany)

4. T. Scot (USA)


Male -84kg:

1. K. Grillon (France)

2. R. Araga (Japon)

3. H.S. Keshta (Egypt)

4. A. Fadakar (Iran)

Female +68kg:

1. M. Martnovic (Croatia)

2. N. Ait Ibrahim (France)

3. F. Aissa (Tunisia)

4. S. Savill (New Zealand)

Male +84kg:

1. S. Atamov (Azerbaijan)

2. Z. Poorshab (Iran)

3. E. Erkan (Turkey)

4. S. Maniscalco (Italy)


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