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Demonstration of Karate abilities at Karate 1-Youth League Monterrey


Youngsters from all over the world continue showing their outstanding abilities at the Karate 1-Youth League event being held in Monterrey (Mexico) this weekend. The future stars of the sport are demonstrating the strength of Karate at young ages in the third stop of the series of international events for underage karatekas. 

As the competition heads to the final day of action, Japanese karatekas are prevailing with three gold medals, while representatives from Scotland, USA, Guatemala and Spain are claiming deserving performances with two gold medals respectively. No less than 10 different countries have reached the top of the podium at the event thus far. 

The titles for the Japanese delegation were taken by Ayana Kamide in Cadet Female Kumite -47kg, Sena Kondo in Cadet Male Kumite -63kg and Hana Muramatsu in U14 Female Kata. Meanwhile, Kori Fital in Cadet Female Kumite -54kg and Jacob Smart in Junior Male Kumite -61kg took the flag of Scotland to the top of the podium, just as Aidan Lok in U14 Kata Male and Janco Dorta in Cadet Male Kumite -57kg did for the USA. The gold medallists for powerhouse nation of Spain are Oscar Garcia Cuadrado in Junior Male Kata and Joan Just Clopes in Junior Male Kumite -76kg. 

The tournament being held in Monterrey (Mexico) continues the success of Karate 1-Youth League events. These competitions demonstrate the popularity of Karate among youngsters. Action continues until Sunday when the last categories at stake will be crowned. 

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