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Celebration of youth Karate in Limassol


Young Karate athletes from all over the world are gathering this weekend in Limassol (Cyprus) to celebrate the popularity of the sport among youngsters. Over 1500 young athletes from 58 countries are competing in the massive opening event of the season of the 2019 Karate 1-Youth League.

The tournament started on Friday with youngsters demonstrating their outstanding abilities over the tatamis installed on Palais de sport Spyros Kyprianou sports hall in Limassol. As the competition heads to the final stages, karatekas from Egypt prevailed in Cadet categories after taking two gold medals. Hossam Ghnem in Cadet Kumite Male -70kg and Ali Osama Mohamed in Cadet Kumite Male +70kg helped Egypt to succeed in the first days while Spain, Japan, Russia and Azerbaijan claimed the rest of the medals in Cadet categories thus far.

The excellent performance of Egyptian karatekas continued in Junior competition since the representatives of the African country took two more golds, Youssef Badawy in Junior Kumite Male +76 and Noursin Ali in Junior Kumite Female -59kg. Athletes from Jordan also prevailed in Junior categories with two first positions, Afeef Ghaith in Junior Kumite Male -55kg and Abdallah Hammad in Junior Kumite Male -61kg.

The universality of Karate is being showcased at the 2019 Karate 1-Youth League Limassol since representatives of no less than eleven different countries have taken gold medals at the categories being solved thus far. The competition continues on Sunday with the final day of action.

CLICK HERE to go to the microsite of the 2019 Karate 1-Youth League Limassol.

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