We are truly committed to fight match fixing, betting, tanking, and insider information as such, preserving fair play, equal competition and ultimately, the very spirit of sport.

Competition  manipulation is the act of intentionally altering the course of a match or competition to ensure that a specific event occurs. It can take many different forms, such as an athlete intentionally losing or performing a certain action during a match to make a bet successful,

Everyone is susceptible to illicitactors and may be influenced by those with mal intents. It could be athletes, athlete support personnel and officials and this is why the WKF strongly recommend that everyone take the Course created by the Olympic Movement Unit of the IOC.

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WKF Code of the prevention of the manipulation of competitions

IOC Course



  • Safeguarding the dignity of the individual is a fundamental requirement of Olympism and of the WKF.
  • There shall be no discrimination between the Participants in on the basis of race, gender, ethnic origin, religion, philosophical or political opinion,
  • All doping practices at all levels are strictly prohibited. The provisions against doping in the World Anti-Doping Code shall be scrupulously observed.
  • All forms of harassment of Participants, be it physical, professional or sexual, and any action causing physical or mental injuries, are prohibited.
  • All forms of participation in, or support of betting and match-fixing related to the Competitions, are prohibited. All forms of promotion of betting related to the Competitions are prohibited.
  • Participants in the Competitions must not, by any manner whatsoever, infringe on the principle of fair play, show non-sporting conduct, or attempt to influence the course or result of a competition, or any part thereof, in a manner contrary to sporting ethics.
  • The WKF members shall ensure the athletes' safety, wellbeing and medical care in support of their physical and mental equilibrium.

    Pilars of Integrity