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SMAI knows that karate athletes do the impossible. Every single day.

That’s why we have created elite uniforms for elite athletes. Carefully designed with lightweight and durable materials for the highest level of competition- or the intense and grueling training it takes to get there. 

SMAI partnership with Invincible Worldwide. Invincible Worldwide's mission is to inspire the modern holistic athlete to be physically and mentally extraordinary.
Officially approved by the WKF (World Karate Federation).

The SMAI Elite Range of uniforms are able to be used in all WKF sanctioned events internationallyk

With ventilated panels and inserts made from stretch lycra panels the Gi will not inhibit your natural and dynamic range of movement whilst assisting the cooling process.

Lightweight paneling was designed with WKF champions to ensure the best fit possible for every situation.

With over 30 years of experience, you can be assured that our stitching and manufacturing process is of the highest quality available.


Michael Da Soul. SMAI Jin Kumite Elite. For more info and to order visit 
Italian National Karate Team
Wayne Otto. SMAI Custom Gear
Luigi Busa. SMAI | WKF Approved Protective Gear