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Madrid 2018 - PhotoBook

2018 Karate World Championships

The WKF is pleased to introduce the PhotoBook of the 2018 Karate World Championships. Enthusiasts of the sport can now relive all the excitement of the memorable 24th edition of Karate's biggest event with the best pictures of the historic championships. All the action, the celebrations, all the winners and the information of the celebrated tournament are showcased in this essential document for all Karate fans.

About the PhotoBook

Produced by the WKF Media Department, the PhotoBook captures the highlights of the memorable World Championships through a series of outstanding images. With no less than 54 pages, the PhotoBook reflects the magnitude and sporting spirit of an event forever to be in the annals of the sport.

It is now time for all Karate fans to look back and rejoice as the PhotoBook brings back to live the unforgettable 2018 Karate World Championships. The PhotoBook is a document not to be missed by true enthusiasts of the sport.


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