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WKF reaches 200 National Federation members with affiliation of Solomon Islands


WKF reaches 200 National Federation members with affiliation of Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands is the WKF’s National Federation number 200. With the affiliation of the Oceanian country, the WKF reaches 200 members thus reinforcing the organisation’s influence around the world.

The Executive Committee of the World Karate Federation last week approved the affiliation of the National Federation of the Solomon Islands. With the inclusion of the new member, the Oceania Karate Federation increases its member count to 13.

WKF President Antonio Espinós said:

“Karate’s popularity around the world is once again showcased with the addition of our National Federation number 200. Karate is one of the most widely recognised disciplines in the world and the influence of our sport is notorious on all five continents.

“The inclusion of the Solomon Islands as our newest member does not only attest to Karate’s impact worldwide; it also confirms our efforts to further expand our sport in Oceania and all over the world. I wish the Solomon Islands Karate Federation the best journey with us, and I am sure that very soon Karatekas from this country will proudly represent their nation at our events.”

As the WKF endeavours to maximise Karate’s popularity around the world, Karate’s international governing body aims to continue developing the sport globally while confirming its influence and presence in key markets.


The inclusion of the National Federation of the Solomon Islands also reinforces Karate’s efforts to maintain its presence in the sports programme of the Pacific Games. 

With the addition of Karate to the sports programmes of all the multi-sport continental and regional games of the Olympic cycle as one of the core goals of the WKF, the international governing body hopes to make an impact in the next edition of the Pacific Games to be held next year.

The city of Honiara in the Solomon Islands is hosting the 2023 Pacific Games. Scheduled from November 19 to December 2, 2023, the 2023 Pacific Games is one of the most important multi-sport events in the region with 24 sports currently included in the sports programme.