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WKF President opens successful Youth Camp & Cup in Porec


WKF President opens successful Youth Camp & Cup in Porec

WKF President Antonio Espinós yesterday inaugurated the 14th edition of the WKF Youth Camp & Cup in Porec (Croatia).

The official opening of the 2022 WKF Youth Camp & Cup was held Tuesday in Porec with WKF President Antonio Espinós in attendance and was managed by Croatian Karate Federation President Davor Cipek. The three camp instructors – Karate stars Douglas Brose, Ivan Leal, and Viviana Bottaro – also participated in the ceremony.

WKF President Antonio Espinós said:

“The WKF Youth Camp & Cup really stands out among the many activities that we organise throughout the year since it is the event that truly highlights the tremendous impact of Karate on young ages. It is a source of pride to see so many young karatekas here, sharing their experiences and their passion for the sport, and not only learning new ways to continue their progress in Karate but also celebrating the influence of the Karate values in their lives.

“I want to thank the Croatian Karate Union and its President Davor Cipek for their efforts to organise this massive event once again here in Porec. I am sure that the thousands of youngsters here will enjoy some unforgettable days in Porec.”

The 2022 WKF Youth Camp & Cup gathers nearly 2700 young karatekas from 60 countries.  The training sessions are headed by World champion Douglas Brose of Brazil, Olympic Games medallist Viviana Bottaro of Italy, and former World champion and Spanish Kumite coach Ivan Leal of Spain.

(Pictures: Jelena Jekic – Croatian Karate Union)

From left to right: Croatian Karate legend Enver Idrizi, WKF President Antonio Espinós, camp instructors and Karate Stars Ivan Leal and Douglas Brose, and Croatian Karate Union president Davor Cipek.

Thousands of young karatekas are participating in this year’s edition of the WKF Youth Camp & Cup.