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WKF President meets head of Turkish Karate in Madrid


WKF President Antonio Espinós and Turkish Karate Federation leader Esat Delihasan met in Madrid on Friday and discussed new opportunities for the sport. 

Mr. Delihasan visited the WKF headquarters in Madrid and was welcomed by President Espinós, who is also the head of the European Karate Federation. The two leaders analysed the situation of Karate in Turkey and in Europe, and reviewed key areas for the continued growth of the ancient discipline.

Turkey is one of the powerhouses of international Karate, having finished on the first position in the 2017 European Championships which were successfully held in the Turkish city of Kocaeli. In the last season of Karate 1-Premier League, Turkish representatives took home a tally of 31 medals while Turkish karatekas prevailed at the Karate 1-Series A celebrated at home in Istanbul.

“Enhancing our dialogue with NFs is critical as we want to ensure that we realise the huge potential for growth within their countries. It is essential for us to have the support and the contribution of active and strong NFs such as the Turkish Karate Federation. With the collaboration of our friends in Turkey and the commitment of its president Esat Delihasan, we can continue taking the sport of Karate to new levels in Turkey and around the world,” said WKF President Antonio Espinós.

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