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WKF Athletes Commission's election to be held in Dubai


WKF Athletes Commission's election to be held in Dubai

The election of the new members of the WKF Athletes Commission will take place in Dubai during the upcoming World Senior Championships.

Two karatekas will join the athletes’ representative body following the election process which is scheduled to take place in Dubai in November. The new members of the commission will be selected by their peers at the event.

As the period from presenting candidatures closes soon (on October 21st), the Karate family will get to know the karatekas who are set to be added to the representative body.

National Federations can present a maximum of one candidate. Athletes wishing to join the commission can present their candidacies by filling up the questionnaire CLICKING HERE.

The WKF Athletes Commission is the body that represents and gives a voice to all the athletes in all the areas of WKF influence and governance. Chaired by Karate icon Davide Benetello, the commission is currently formed by Nguyen Hoang Ngan of Vietnam, Vasiliki Panetsidou of Greece, Antonio Díaz of Venezuela, Douglas Brose of Brazil, and Ryo Kiyuna of Japan.

Defending World Champion Ryo Kiyuna and former European title-holder Vasiliki Panetsidou are the ongoing members. Both Kiyuna and Panetsidou are eligible for re-election should they present their candidature for the process.

For more information on the WKF Athletes’ Commission, CLICK HERE.