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WKF Athletes Commission maps new opportunities for karatekas


The body of the World Karate Federation that represents karatekas around the world gathered in Madrid (Spain) to continue helping athletes to maximise the increasing opportunities due to the progress of the sport. The meeting was celebrated ahead of the 2018 Karate World Championships in Madrid; The election of new members and the close interaction with IOC’s Athletes’ Commission were on top of the agenda.   

Headed by WKF Athletes’ Commission chairman Davide Benetello, the newly-formed body is composed by Douglas Brose (BRA), Antonio Diaz (VEN), Nan Hoang Ngan (VIE), Vicky Panetsidou (GRE) and Ryo Kiyuna (JPN). 

Nine athletes from four continents presented their candidacies to be part of the WKF Athletes’ Commission in the election of members taking place in Madrid. Over 1000 votes were cast, and former World champions Douglas Brose and Antonio Diaz were selected for a new four-year term. 

The meeting had the participation of IOC Athletes’ and Entourage Commissions Manager, Karen Dolphin and IOC Athletes’ Commission member Nadin Dawani. Mrs Dawani addressed the karatekas attending the meeting to present the new guidelines of the IOC Athletes Commission, as well as to introduce the upcoming projects of the global sports organisation to support athletes in their lives inside and outside the competition. 

“The presentation by Mrs Dawani was a source of inspiration for all of us. After being aware of the next steps to be taken by the IOC to safeguard athletes’ career, we will work even harder to ensure that karatekas continue finding perfect conditions to make their best performances in and out of the tatami,” said WKF Athletes’ Commission chairman Davide Benetello. 

“The WKF Athletes’ Commission is doing a crucial work for the progress of Karate. With the contribution of the outstanding group of individuals headed by Davide Benetello, all the karatekas around the world can be sure that their interests will be protected, so they will be able to continue representing the best asset of our sport,” stated WKF President Antonio Espinós. 

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