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Unprecedented tie in Female Kata final of #Karate1Tokyo


The 2019 Karate 1-Premier League Tokyo was a historic event through and through. The tournament was held at Nippon Budokan sports hall, the same venue where Karate’s Olympic debut will be held next year; it was also the last international event in Japan before the start of the Olympic competition. In addition to some unforgettable action on the tatami, the event also left one moment for the annals of the sport: a tie in the final of Kata competition. 

For the first time since the introduction of the updated Kata evaluation system, a tie occurred in the final bout of a Kata event. Japan’s Kiyou Shimizu and Spain’s Sandra Sanchez met at the title-deciding bout of the Female Kata category.  The two top favourites of the category chose the same Kata for the final, “Chantanyara Kushanku”. Demonstrating the thrilling rivalry between the two competitors, both karatekas got the same score: 27.68

It was the first time that a tie occurred in the final bout of an international event. The WKF Competition Rules were then applied to resolve the tie. As it is stated in point 5.4 of the WKF Kata and Kumite Competition Rules, “In the event that competitors obtain the same number of points, the draw should be determined by performing an additional kata to determine which Competitor’s result take precedence over the other.” 

CLICK HERE to go to WKF Competition Rules. 

A new kata was then performed, following the rules. Sandra Sanchez executed “Suparinpei” and Kiyou Shimizu performed “Oyadomari No Passai”. The Spanish karateka got a score of 27.48 while the Japanese ace received 27.74 points. The title went to Shimizu’s hands, and a new chapter in the history of the sport was written. 

“It was the first time since the World Championships in Madrid that we did the same kata. This time however the result was different. Today we did two katas, it was like doing two finals. It was a fantastic experience ahead of the Olympic Games because we had the chance to test and to prove ourselves at the biggest stage,” said Kiyou Shimizu who lost the World crown to Sanchez in Madrid but got gold at home at the Karate 1-Premier League in Tokyo. 

“The important thing is that we could demonstrate our best level. As Japanese, it was an honour to compete in Nippon Budokan, which is the ‘mecca’ of martial arts and where the Olympic Games will be held next year. I would like to continue giving my best and demonstrating my technical and physical strength,” added the Japanese star. 

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