Universality of Karate showcased on day 1 of #Karate1Merida


Universality of Karate showcased on day 1 of #Karate1Merida

The 2023 Karate 1-Youth League Merida started Thursday with a showcase of the universality of the sport. Representatives of no less than 11 different nations took home the gold medals at stake on day 1, a testament to the global outreach of Karate.

The opening day of the competition at the fourth event of the season of Karate 1-Youth League had U21 categories taking the stage. The United States were the only country that won more than one gold today, as the rest of the triumphs were claimed by athletes from different nations.

Bryan Buka in U21 Kumite Male -84kg and Janco Dorta in U21 Kumite Male -60kg were the gold medallists from the United States succeeding today. The host nations also celebrated one gold as Alondra Elizabeth Mendez Mayen won the crown in U21 Kumite Female -68kg.

The titles in Kata divisions went to Danni Williams of England and Fernando Zambrano of Venezuela. In U21 Female Kumite categories, karatekas of the Americas prevailed, with Sofia Alejandra Orantes Magana taking gold in U21 Female Kumite -50kg and Magdalena Godoy claiming the title in U21 Kumite Female -55kg.

Meanwhile, Shanelle Gordon prevailed in U21 Kumite Female -61kg and Asia Pergolesi of Italy became the champion in U21 Kumite Female +68kg.

A host of first-time winners dominated the competition in the U21 Kumite Male categories. Anis Ayoub Helassa of Algeria won gold in U21 Kumite Male -67kg, while Bernardo Pineu Fernandes of Portugal took the crown in U21 Kumite Male -75kg.

Dominik Keselak of Slovakia in U21 Kumite Male +84kg completed the list of gold medallists on day 1.

The competition continues Friday with day 2 of the competition.

(Pictures: Ivan Lopez / FEMEKA)