Thrilling First Day at 2024 Karate 1-Youth League in Porec


Thrilling First Day at 2024 Karate 1-Youth League in Porec

The 2024 Karate 1-Youth League kicked off in Porec, Croatia, with an electrifying start as the U21 categories took the stage. Young karatekas from around the globe displayed their skills, determination, and values, setting the tone for an exciting competition ahead. Here are the highlights of the first day's winners in each category.

U21 Kata Female: Carla Guardeño of Spain Takes Gold

Carla Guardeño of Spain emerged victorious in the U21 Kata Female category. Guardeño demonstrated impeccable form and technique to secure the win with a score of 24.70, narrowly defeating Chiara Manca of Belgium, who scored 24.30.


U21 Kata Male: Roman Hrcka Wins Crown

In the U21 Kata Male category, Roman Hrcka of Slovakia showcased his exceptional skills, earning a score of 25.30. Hrcka outperformed Lucas Hoffmann of France, who scored 24.50, to take the top spot.


U21 Kumite Female -50 kg: Aicha Boutracit Claims Slim Victory

Aicha Boutracit of Switzerland clinched the title in the U21 Kumite Female -50 kg division with a hard-fought 1-0 victory over Teodora Tsaneva of Bulgaria.


U21 Kumite Female -55 kg: Silya Abdesselem Adds Gold to Impressive List of Honours

In the U21 Kumite Female -55 kg category, Silya Abdesselem of France dominated her match against Patricija Prga of Croatia, winning 4-0. Abdesselem who is the current continental bronze medallist of the category has won gold in the events of A Coruña and Fujairah this year.


U21 Kumite Female -61 kg: Emina Sipovic Wins One More Title

Emina Sipovic of Bosnia and Herzegovina triumphed in the U21 Kumite Female -61 kg division, defeating Anastasiia Semenenko of Germany with a close 3-2 score.


U21 Kumite Female -68 kg: Elizabeta Molnar Takes Crown

Elizabeta Molnar of Slovenia claimed the U21 Kumite Female -68 kg title with a solid 2-0 victory over Mariam Mohamed Zaky of Egypt.


U21 Kumite Female 68+ kg: Lily-Rose Nolet Extends List of Honours


In the U21 Kumite Female 68+ kg category, Lily-Rose Nolet of Canada delivered an impressive performance, defeating Maria Cristina Coman of Romania 7-1. Nolet’s triumph in Porec represents the first title of the season for the current continental champion.  


U21 Kumite Male -60 kg: Hlib Lomovatskyi Wins First Gold for Ukraine

Hlib Lomovatskyi of Ukraine emerged victorious in the U21 Kumite Male -60 kg division, winning 1-1 against Yasin Hassen of Egypt by senshu (first unopposed point). Lomovatski claims the first title for the powerhouse nation of Ukraine.


U21 Kumite Male -67 kg: Muhammed Oezdemir Takes Hard-Fought Gold

Muhammed Oezdemir of Germany secured the U21 Kumite Male -67 kg championship with a decisive 4-1 win over Alessandro Di Marco of Italy.


U21 Kumite Male -75 kg: Youssef Farag Shows Strength

In the U21 Kumite Male -75 kg category, Youssef Farag of Egypt showcased his offensive prowess, defeating Heorhii Pitsul of Ukraine 7-4.


U21 Kumite Male -84 kg: Nemanja Mikulic Claims Title

Nemanja Mikulic of Montenegro took home the U21 Kumite Male -84 kg title with a commanding 3-0 win over Maksym Buhaiov of Ukraine.


U21 Kumite Male 84+ kg: Hussin Hassan Takes Second Gold For Egypt

Hussin Hassan Hussin Kamel of Egypt won the U21 Kumite Male 84+ kg category by hantei (decision) after a 0-0 bout against Stefan Stojanovikj of North Macedonia. Hussin Kamel's title represented the second gold of the day for the Egyptian delegation.


The opening day of the 2024 Karate 1-Youth League in Porec set a high standard with outstanding performances across all U21 categories. The event continues until Sunday with the rest of the categories at stake.


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(Pictures: Croatian Karate Union)