Second Day of 2024 Karate 1 Youth League Showcases Young Talent in Fujairah


Second Day of 2024 Karate 1 Youth League Showcases Young Talent in Fujairah

The second day of the 2024 Karate 1 Youth League in Fujairah, UAE, witnessed some electrifying performances from the young karatekas who showcased their skills and determination in various categories. The event proved to be a celebration of youth talent, with participants from across the globe giving their best in the pursuit of excellence.

Junior Female Kata: Miriam Dear Triumphs for Italy

In the Junior Female Kata category, it was Miriam Dear of Italy who emerged victorious, showcasing exceptional skill and precision. Dear's dazzling performance caught the eye of the judges, as she outperformed her competitor, Jana Raft of Egypt, with a score of 42.10 to 38.60.


Junior Male Kata: Muhammad Akio Zakio Claims Victory for Indonesia

The Junior Male Kata event witnessed a gripping battle as Muhammad Akio Zakio of Indonesia triumphed over his opponent, Josiah Ling of New Zealand, with a score of 41.00 to 39.90. Zakio's technical prowess and unwavering focus propelled him to the top


Junior Kumite Female -48kg: Christina Triada Pappa Dominates for Greece

In the Junior Kumite Female -48kg category, Greece's Christina Triada Pappa delivered a commanding performance, clinching victory over Hayrunnisa Ilhan of Turkiye with a comprehensive 5-0 win.


Junior Kumite Female -53kg: Silya Abdesselem Shines for France

The Junior Kumite Female -53kg division saw Silya Abdesselem of France displaying her exceptional skill and determination as she triumphed over Dilaferuz Kuzieva of Uzbekistan with a resounding 7-2 victory.


Junior Female Kumite -59kg: Gulay Orujova Claims Victory for Azerbaijan

A gripping contest unfolded in the Junior Female Kumite -59kg category, with Gulay Orujova of Azerbaijan securing victory over Monica Arzumian of France by Hantei or decision (0-0).


Junior Kumite Male -55kg: Victory for Kazakhstan

In an electrifying display of Karate prowess, the Junior Kumite Male -55kg category witnessed Miras Abdikadyr of Kazakhstan emerge victorious, defeating Farid Hajizada of Azerbaijan with an impressive final score of 6-3.

Junior Kumite Male -61kg: New gold for Jordan

Moving up a weight category, the Junior Kumite Male -61kg division saw Abdel Rahman Haimour of Jordan triumph over Mohamed Ashraf Mohamed of Egypt with a score of 5-2, showcasing exceptional skill and determination.


Junior Kumite Male -68kg: Jordan prevail

Continuing the thrilling competition, in the Junior Kumite Male -68kg group, Aus Saif of Jordan secured the top spot by besting Mohamed Ehab Abdullah Abderhaman of Egypt, ultimately prevailing 6-3 in a closely contested match.


Junior Kumite Male -76kg: Waleed Qatamish extends gold medal count for Jordan

The intensity persisted in the Junior Kumite Male -76kg division as Waleed Qatamish of Jordan claimed victory over Ricardo Franken of the Netherlands with a commanding score of 7-2, demonstrating strength and precision in his techniques.


Junior Kumite Male +76kg: Italy wrap up gold medal list

Finally, in the Junior Kumite Male +76kg category, Federico Supino of Italy emerged triumphant after a hard-fought battle, narrowly defeating Omar Metwaly of Egypt with a score of 1-0, capping off an enthralling series of competitions in this year's event.


The event in Fujairah, UAE, served as a platform for the world's most promising young karatekas to exhibit their talent, determination, and sportsmanship. With each category witnessing fierce competition and displays of exceptional skill, the second day of the 2024 Karate 1 Youth League underscored the immense potential that these young athletes possess.