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Record-breaking WKF Youth Camp underway in Umag


Over 2400 young karatekas aged 10 to 20 years old from 69 countries are taking part this week in a record-breaking edition of the WKF Youth Camp & WKF Karate 1 Youth Cup. The massive event started on Tuesday with the first sessions of the Training Camp, in which the future of Karate has the chance to meet the legends and World champion acting as instructors. 

An event has never before in the history of the WKF gathered such a large number of underage participants as the tenth edition of the WKF Yout Camp and Cup. Over 2400 hopeful athletes all wearing their karate-gis, all of them showing their belts of different colours, and all of them having the support of hundreds of family members, coaches and friends have turned Umag in Croatia in the true capital of Karate this week. 

Not only for the impressive number of participants this tenth edition of the WKF Youth Camp & Cup is making it to the history of the sport. Nearly 70 countries from five continents are being represented at the event thus showcasing the universality of the discipline. Young karatekas from countries such as Canada, Argentina, India, Japan, New Zealand, Australia or Hong Kong, to name a few are enjoying first-hand the experience of the record-breaking event. Italy with 328 youngsters registered, Croatia with 222 karatekas and Russian Federation with 182 young karatekas present the largest delegations. 


The first day of action is being devoted to the initial training sessions with the first-class instructors. A line-up of legends and world champions are showing their secrets to hundreds of youngsters who are divided by age and who are living memorable moments for having the opportunity to interact with some of their idols. The list of instructors for the 2017 edition of the event is formed by Davide Benetello, Luca Valdesi, Antonio Diaz, Douglas Brose, Predrag Stojadinov, Junior Lefevre and Stanislav Horuna.

The day started with the official opening of the event, in which Croatia Karate Federation President and EKF General Secretary Stjepan Celan thanked participants for their attendance and wished the best of luck to the thousands of youngsters at the event. A massive group photo followed which demonstrated the outstanding magnitude of the event. 

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