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Progress of Karate highlighted at meeting with National Federations


Progress of Karate highlighted at meeting with National Federations

The World Karate Federation met with National Federations via videoconference to analyse the progress of the sport around the world.

Headed by WKF President Antonio Espinós, the online meeting gathered representatives of nearly 100 National Federations on five continents, and it continued WKF’s efforts to receive constant feedback from the Karate community around the world.

The WKF President highlighted Karate’s achievements over the last years and stressed the most recent innovations and opportunities for the development of the sport.  

Among the main points of the agenda, the National Federations were informed on the status of the proposal for additional disciplines for the LA 2028 Olympic Games, the electronic scoring system for Kumite, the result of the survey about the size of the female Kumite teams, the situation of the program for disadvantaged National Federations for the upcoming World Senior Championships, and Karate’s participation at the 2023 World Combat Games.

WKF President Antonio Espinós said:

“The WKF will never stop innovating and providing more opportunities for our sport. Our goal is to continue elevating Karate even more and to continue taking the sport to new heights. To ensure that Karate keeps on developing, the feedback and cooperation of the National Federations is crucial.

“The progress of Karate is at the core of our decisions. For this reason, we have implemented ground-breaking initiatives such as the electronic scoring system in Kumite through joysticks. We are convinced that this project will contribute to the growth of our sport, and it will help us reach those who are less familiar with Karate, with a special focus on the TV spectators. In the case of the updates in Female Team Kumite, we are following the output we received from National Federations and thus postponing the decision to increase the number of athletes per team.

“As we are moving to a historic edition of the World Senior Championships in Budapest, I want to thank all the representatives of the National Federations for demonstrating, day after day, the unity and the values of our sport.”