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PKF Women's Congress in Punta del Este Sets Landmark Event for Women in Karate of America


PKF Women's Congress in Punta del Este Sets Landmark Event for Women in Karate of America

The PKF Women's Congress, held during the PKF Senior Championships in Punta del Este, Uruguay, marked a significant milestone in the promotion of women's participation in karate across the Americas. The meeting, which attracted 35 participants from 9 countries, was chaired by PKF Women's Commission Chairman Mónica Irungaray and PKF President José García Maañón.

The primary focus of the congress was to review the progress made by women in karate in the Americas and to discuss effective prevention methods against gender-based violence. This vital discussion aimed to ensure a safe and inclusive environment for all athletes, coaches, and officials reflecting the ongoing commitment of the PKF to gender equality and the empowerment of women in the sport.

The meeting was also attended by PKF’s leading officials PKF and WKF Executive Committee member Samantha Desciderio of Mexico, PKF Para-Karate Chairperson Sasha Gerritson USA, and National Federation Presidents Hilda Neira of Peru, Ivonne Leito-Senff of Curacao, Estefanía Rodriguez of Uruguay and Nuvis del Carmen Negrete of Colombia

WKF President Antonio Espinós praised the efforts of the PKF and highlighted the increasing role of women in karate. "The PKF Women's Congress is a clear demonstration of the growing influence and presence of women in our sport. The WKF fully supports these initiatives, which are crucial for promoting gender equality even more. The PKF’s proactive approach is setting a standard for others to follow, ensuring that women have more opportunities to reach leading positions within the karate community."

“I want to thank PKF President José García Maañón for his commitment to continue advocating for women’s rights and for implementing initiatives such as this one to advance in gender equality within the sport even more.”  

Participants at the congress shared experiences and strategies for enhancing women's roles in karate, emphasizing the importance of mentorship, education, and advocacy. The collaborative environment fostered a sense of unity and purpose, reinforcing the collective effort to overcome challenges and achieve greater inclusion.

Top picture: PKF President José García Maañón (centre) pose with all the participants in the PKF Womens’s Congress

From left to right: Colombia Karate Federation president Nuvis del Carmen Negrete, Peru Karate Federation President Hilda Neira, Mexico Karate Federation and PKF and WKF Executive Committee member Samantha Desciderio, PKF Women’s Commission chairperson Mónica Irungaray, PKF Para-Karate Commission chairperson Sasha Gerritson, Uruguay Karate Federation President Estefanía Rodríguez, and Curacao Karate Federation President Ivonne Leito-Senff