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Packed WKF Anti-Doping Education Outreach in Konya


Packed WKF Anti-Doping Education Outreach in Konya

The WKF celebrated a successful Anti-Doping Education Outreach activity during the 2022 World Cadet, Junior & U21 Championships in Konya (Turkiye).

Following the WKF’s efforts to highlight the values of Karate such as respect, honour, and equanimity, and to continue Karate’s status as a truly clean sport, Karate’s international governing body promoted anti-doping education among the future stars of the discipline who participated at the 2022 World Cadet, Junior & U21 Championships. 

In collaboration with the Turkish Anti-Doping Commission and the Local organizing committee, athletes and support personnel played WADA’S Play True Quiz and WKF’s Anti-doping Quiz powered by Kahoot interactive quiz game online.

From one table to the next, athletes refined their understanding of clean sports principles, anti-doping violations, the principle of strict liability, and their rights and responsibilities.

Participation was at an all-time high, with roughly 250 participants who focused intensely for 15 minutes on anti-doping questions in competition with each other. By raising awareness of anti-doping, the WKF aims to strengthen the integrity of Karate and prepare athletes to compete in the sport for a lifetime. 

Participants were able to take home gear with the WKF's new tagline “Karate For Life”. 

For more information and resources CLICK HERE to go to the WKF Anti-Doping Website Also, check out WADA’s ADEL Courses at the following link.

The WKF Athletes' Commission supported the activities as well as the "Karate For Life" tagline.