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Meet Elena Quirici, #EuroKarate2018 finalist and passionate about Karate


In this new episode of our web-series “Meet…” we introduce you to Elena Quirici, karateka from Switzerland who will fight for gold at the 53rd Karate European Championships. 

Barely three months ago, Elena Quirici went through an operation that had put her away of the tatamis for what it seemed like an eternity for her. After a difficult recovery, on the first day of competition of the 2018 Karate Senior European Championships, the Swiss karateka demonstrated the tremendous power of will and hard work qualifying for the finals of the tournament being held this week in Novi Sad (Serbia). 

“I worked really hard in the rehab phase and now, I am here!” said Quirici after earning the ticket to the final of Female Kumite -68kg. 

“I felt really good and for me this is very important because I just came from an injury. I had an operation in February and I did not know how well I would be, so it has been perfect!” added the Swiss Karate heroine. 

Elena Quirici started the competition in Novi Sad with a slim victory over Spain’s Cristina Vizcaino (1-0), and she got the same result in the following bout against Andrine Hilton of Norway. After triumphs against Luana Debaty of Belgium (1-1) and local hopeful Sanja Cvrkota (2-1), Quirici earned the qualification to the final with a 1-0 victory over Italy’s Silvia Semeraro.  

“This tournament is so special for me, it is a gift. I always try to perform my best and this time it played off,” declared Quirici who qualified for her third continental final in four years. 

The Swiss Karate enthusiast won the silver medal in 2015 in his third appearance at the Senior European Championships. A year later, in the 2016 Karate European Championships, Quirici finally won the title. The Swiss karateka defeated Austria’s Alisa Buchinger to reach the top of the podium. Now, Quirici will try to repeat the accomplishment in the final against Azerbaijan’s Irina Zaretska. 


At only 23-years-old, Quirici has decided to dedicate her life to Karate. After starting in the sport at 4 years-old, the athlete born in the Aargau canton has been faithful to the modality for over 17 years. 

“My mother is a Karate teacher. When I was two years old, I was already watching Karate. I would watch her training and it ended up becoming my life. Then, a moment came when I said ‘now I will do this’ and that’s how it all started,” said Quirici. 

The 2016 Grand Winner sets her eyes now in making the most of her sports career, with the Olympic dream in mind. After the European Championships, Quirici will continue taking part in the Karate 1-Premier League and will focus on the upcoming World Championships in Madrid. 

“My dream is to get gold everywhere I go. Of course, I want to win as many tournaments as I can so I will have the chance to qualify for the Olympic Games. But now, I will do this final, and then we will see!” added Quirici. 

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