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Massive WKF Youth Camp & Cup to start in Porec


Massive WKF Youth Camp & Cup to start in Porec

The most anticipated event for young karatekas is about to start in Porec (Croatia). The idyllic city in Croatia hosts the 2022 WKF Youth Camp & Cup.

Over 500 youngsters from 45 countries are registered to participate in the yearly event that celebrates the strength of Karate at young ages.

The 2022 WKF Youth Camp & Cup will be held in Porec from June 25 to 30. The event begins in the Intersport Centre with the training sessions and moves to Zatika Sports Hall for the WKF Cup.

The camp is truly a celebration of the popularity of Karate among youngsters as hundreds of young karatekas from all five continents gather to train and share their passion for the sport.

As happened in the previous editions of the camp, a host of Karate stars and icons of the sport will lead the training sessions. The list of instructors for the 2022WKF Youth Camp is formed by Olympic Games medallist Viviana Bottaro of Italy, current World champion Douglas Brose of Brazil, and former World champion and legend Ivan Leal of Spain.

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