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List of Qualified and Confirmed Teams for the 2024 Karate World Cup Announced


List of Qualified and Confirmed Teams for the 2024 Karate World Cup Announced

The World Karate Federation (WKF) today revealed the list of 68 qualified and confirmed teams to take part in the highly anticipated 2024 Karate World Cup. This announcement brings excitement and anticipation as fans worldwide look forward to the prestigious event scheduled to be held in Pamplona, Spain from November 22 to 24.

The list announced today includes the 68 squads that have earned their tickets and confirmed their participation in the 2024 edition of the World National Team Championships. The remaining 12 national teams, to complete the final 80 participating squads, will secure their spots at the AKF Senior Championships in China this September.


The qualification process for the Karate World Cup involves performance in the last World Championships and the Continental Championships, as stated in the qualification and competition system of the event. So far, up to 40 countries from five continents have successfully qualified, a testament to the global outreach of karate and the popularity of the sport worldwide.


By continents, 4 nations from Asia have already earned their ticket through the World Championships, a number likely to increase after the continental championships in September. Europe leads with 20 countries having secured their spots, while 1 country from Oceania, 6 Pan American countries, and 9 nations from Africa have all confirmed their presence at the event.


As the host nation, Spain have full representation in all four categories of the tournament. Joining Spain with complete teams in every category are Italy, Egypt, Turkiye, and France. This all-around representation is an indication of their strength in karate, setting the stage for a competitive and captivating World Cup.


With a tally of 6 teams from Asia, 33 from Europe, 2 from Oceania, 12 from Pan America, and 15 from Africa thus far, the upcoming event is set to be a true celebration of global karate talent. The Karate World Cup will not only showcase the best in the sport; it will also foster a sense of unity and values among diverse cultures, and it will be a true celebration of the excitement of the sport, with fans having the opportunity to back up their national teams.