Guardian Girls

KIF's Shin Koyamada honoured for Guardian Girls project


KIF's Shin Koyamada honoured for Guardian Girls project

The Co-Founder and Global Chairman of the Koyamada International Foundation Shin Koyamada received the Director’s Community Leadership Award (DCLA) from FBI Director Christopher Wray at the headquarters of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Washington D.C for his contribution and commitment to the Guardian Girls project.

Created in 1990 to honour dedicated individuals and organisations from across the country for their extraordinary contributions to strengthening communities and reducing crime and violence, the Director’s Community Leadership Award (DCLA) recognised Shin Koyamada for “his unwavering commitment to philanthropy through the Koyamada International Foundation and its Guardian Girls programme,” the FBI’s statement reads.

“I am deeply honoured and humbled to have received the Community Leadership Award. A heartfelt thank you to our incredible teams at KIF and Guardian Girls, as well as the FBI Los Angeles team, for their unwavering support,” said Koyamada on social media.

The Koyamada International Foundation (KIF), the United Nations Population Fund (UNPFA) and the World Karate Federation (WKF) joined forces to launch the Guardian Girls Karate Project, a worldwide social initiative to promote gender equality and women's empowerment to defend themselves from all forms of Gender-Based Violence through Karate training.

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