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Karate celebrates #1YearToGo to Buenos Aires 2018


It’s only one year to go until Buenos Aires 2018, and the Karate world is now counting the days to witness the anticipated debut of the sport at the Youth Olympic Games. The Karate family has marked the date of October 6 2018 on the calendar and karatekas around the world are looking forward to the historic event.

Karate will make its debut at the Youth Olympic Games to be held in Buenos Aires in 2018. With one year to go to the start of the Games, karatekas are showing their excitement ahead of the start of the event. Karate Stars and heroes of the sport are taking the spotlight to wish the best of luck to the young participants competing at Buenos Aires 2018.

“Just one year to the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires!  (The Games) will be held in the city where I was born, so all the luck to the competitors, and see you in Buenos Aires”, said World ranking leader Damian Quintero of Spain.

“In only one year we will have the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires. It will be our first participation in the Youth Olympic Games so I want to wish the best of luck to all the participants. Oss!” declared two-time World champion Douglas Brose of Brazil.

Meanwhile, Dutch champion Samantha Van Lovken had advices to give to the future stars of the sport clashing for gold in Buenos Aires. “Follow your dreams and make it happen!”, said the Kata karateka. “Good luck and greetings to all the athletes who will participate at the Youth Olympic Games. See you in Buenos Aires 2018”, said Samantha Van Lovken.

Buenos Aires 2018 is the third edition of the Summer Youth Olympic Games. The event will feature almost 4,000 top athletes of equal numbers of men and women between the ages of 15 and 18 from 206 countries. Karate will be one of the new additions to the sports programme of the anticipated event.

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