Karate 1 Series A travels to Konya for second event of season


Karate 1 Series A travels to Konya for second event of season

The second event of the season of Karate 1-Series A travels to Konya (Turkiye) for a tournament that is scheduled for March 10 to 12.

Over 1000 athletes from 76 countries have registered to participate in the event. This tally continues the impressive participation record of Karate’s most massive series of events, as over 900 karatekas from 72 nations took part in the opening event of the year in Athens (Greece).

At the tournament in Konya, karatekas aim to win points to improve their position in the WKF World Ranking. Since the inscription in the event is open for all competitors, provided that the limit of 96 athletes in the Kumite divisions and 128 in Kata is not exceeded, surprises are constantly taking over the competition.

The event starts on March 10 and will conclude on March 12 with the medal bouts. The final day of the competition will be available LIVE on the WKF YouTube channel.

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The Japanese delegation prevailed at the opening event of Karate 1-Series A in Athens (Greece). The representatives of the birth nation of the sport took home six gold medals, while the athletes from the host country celebrated two golds.

After the event in Konya, the Karate 1-Series A will travel to Richmond-Vancouver (Canada). The third tournament of the season is scheduled from April 14-16.