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Hikaru Ono and Ali Sofuoglu new World Champions in Kata


Hikaru Ono and Ali Sofuoglu new World Champions in Kata

Japan’s Hikaru Ono and Ali Sofuoglu of Turkiye are the new World Champions in Kata. The two athletes won the world title for the first time and initiated a new era for the sport in the discipline of choreographed movements.

Hikaru Ono of Japan won the crown of Female Kata thus bringing back the world title to Japan after seven years of absence. The current runner-up defeated Mo Sheung Grace Lau of Hong Kong in a thrilling final of the category.


Ono performed “Papuren” kata for “Chatanyara Kushanku” of the Hong Kong athlete. The Japanese karateka won the title with scores of 44.8 to 43.8. Hikaru Ono lost the final of the 2021 World Championships to Sandra Sanchez and is a two-time continental titleholder.


Meanwhile, in Male Kata Turkiye’s Ali Sofuoglu produced a major upset since the former continental champion beat current silver medallist Damian Quintero of Spain.


In a battle of styles, Sofuoglu performed “Gojushiho Sho” kata for “Ohan Dai” of Quintero. The Turkish karateka took the final with scores of 45.6 to 44.5.


Sofuoglu’s triumph in Budapest gives Turkiye their first World crown in Male Kata. After winning two continental titles and a bronze medal at the Olympic Games, Sofuoglu confirms her ascent to Karate’s stardom.