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Getting to Know Karate Stars: Thomas Scott dreaming about Karate into the Olympics


Karate Star Thomas Scott epitomizes the feeling of hope of thousands of Karatekas around the world who not only are delighted to finally see the dream of Karate into the Olympics coming true, but who actually have a chance to live the dream first-hand.

The captain of Team USA stars in the new episode of the “Getting to Know” series barely a few days after the Kumite ace reached the podium of the Pan American Championships for the fourth consecutive time.

“I have been dreaming about Karate in the Olympics even before it was possible, so I am very excited about it. I see that it is a big challenge but that’s what I am here for,” said the Texan athlete.

The Olympic dream is one of the many topics that Thomas Scott covers in the new episode of WKF’s “Getting to Know” series. The series brings Karate fans the chance to know more about the best Karatekas in the world. In its fourth episode, the current World ranking leader in Male Kumite -75kg and one of top favourites among fans opens up about his beginnings in the ancient modality as well as his uniqueness as karateka.

“My Kumite is closer to Kata than it is to fighting. I feel like other athletes are really worked up, or hard core or ready to go, and I am always trying to keep focused that way. I am one of the few Kumite athletes – maybe the only one - that competes in Kata, because some day the fighting will end and then it will be Kata. I am ready and I am excited for that,” said the 3rd-Dan Wado Ryu karateka.

The “Getting to Know” series is available to a worldwide viewing audience on KarateWorld.TV. The first episode had Spain’s Damian Quintero as the protagonist, and the second part of the series highlighted Brazilian ace Douglas Brose. World ranking leader Sandra Sanchez of Spain was featured in the third episode, and now Karate fans have the opportunity to know more about Thomas Scott.

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