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Executive Committee of UFAK Paves Way for Progress of Karate in Africa


Executive Committee of UFAK Paves Way for Progress of Karate in Africa

The Executive Committee of the Union of African Karate Federations (UFAK) convened this past week in Accra, Ghana, during the Karate competition of the African Games. Chaired by UFAK President Souleymane Gaye, the meeting brought together key stakeholders to review the current state of karate in Africa and establish a framework for the continuous progress of the sport on the continent. The gathering had WKF President Antonio Espinós in attendance.

Discussions focused on identifying challenges, opportunities, and setting the foundation for the continuous progress of the sport in the region. The preparation of Karate’s competition at the African Games was also evaluated.

WKF President Antonio Espinós said:

"Africa has become a powerhouse in the world of karate, and the enthusiasm displayed by the African nations is truly commendable. The collaborative efforts between UFAK and WKF are crucial in ensuring that karate thrives on the continent even more. As the progress of Karate in Africa continues, I want to extend my sincere appreciation to UFAK President Souleymane Gaye and all the members of the UFAK Executive Committee for the outstanding commitment to the progress of karate in Africa. “

Top picture: From left to right: Executive Committee member Sékou Cheik Condé (GUI), UFAK Secretary General Madani Ba (MLI), Ghana Karate Federation President Nathanael Johnson (GHA), UFAK President Souleymane Gaye (SEN), WKF President Antonio Espinós, UFAK 1st Vice President Bechir Cherif (TUN), UFAK 3rd Vice President Sayed Nasr (EGY), Executive Committee members Mohamed Eldahrawy (EGY) and Mohamed Mouktabil (MAR), and UFAK Referee Commission chairman and Technical Delegate for the African Games Zitouni Metyout (MAR).