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Development of Karate at core of high-profile meetings in Porec


Development of Karate at core of high-profile meetings in Porec

The city of Porec in Croatia hosted a series of high-profile meetings to review the ongoing development projects that are being implemented by the World Karate Federation.

The WKF Rules Commission met this week in Porec as the city in Croatia is hosting the WKF Youth Camp & Cup and the Karate 1-Youth League. With the World Karate Federation continuing its efforts to modernise the sport, a number of projects are currently on course to take Karate to new heights.

Among the many activities that were reviewed in Porec, the competition in Croatia was the opportunity to further test the electronic judging system. A project aiming to streamline the refereeing of Karate events even more, the electronic judging system is under evaluation to eventually replace the flag system for the allocation of points in Kumite. 

A new helmet for underage categories was also tested at the event to eventually replace the current face masks. Moreover, the WKF Rules Commission reviewed the allocation of points and sanctions through the video review system, the evaluation of the rules of Kata competitions, as well as the strategic plan, and the new configuration of the World Championships.

WKF President Antonio Espinós said:

“Even though Karate has experienced tremendous progress over the last few years, our core nature as karatekas compels us to never be complacent, to never rest on the laurels of our success.”

“As we aim to continue making Karate one of the most ground-breaking disciplines in the world, we continue developing our sport to make Karate the perfect combination of tradition and modernity. I want to thank the WKF Rules Commission and its members for their efforts in setting the path of our future success.”

Top picture: From left to right commission members Rafael Arriaza, Toshie Murata, Nasim Varasteh, Gunnar Nordhal, Javier Escalante, Dusana Augustovicova, and Esteban Perez.