Continental Championships

Demonstration of strength of Karate in Asia at AKF Championships


Demonstration of strength of Karate in Asia at AKF Championships

The AKF Karate Championships continue in Tashkent (Uzbekistan). A celebration of the popularity of the sport in Asia, the event is completing the underage categories to move to the Senior divisions. 


Iran demonstrated the strength of their grassroots programmes with three golds in Junior Kumite. Eshbala Zahra Ebrahimi won the title in Junior Kumite Female -48kg while Fatemehzahra Saedabadi took the crown in Junior Kumite Female -53kg. Mohammadjavad Safarirazini claimed the title of Junior Kumite Male -68kg.  

The powerhouse nation of Kazakhstan celebrated an impressive day in Junior divisions. Aizhan Bakirova became continental champion in Junior Kumite Female -59kg and Arina Yakubina won gold in Junior Kumite Female +59kg

Hosts of Uzbekistan also saw their flag on top of the podium as Abdul Vakhkhob Rashidov won the title in Junior Kumite Male -61kg

Sultan Alqahtani of Saudi Arabia in Junior Kumite Female -55kg, Yosuke Abe of Japan in Junior Kumite Male -76kg, and Mustafa Bsharat of Palestine completed the gold medal list in Junior Kumite divisions.  


Japan continued dominating the Kata discipline since the two titles in U21 divisions went to the birth nation of the sport. Mirisa Ohuchi and Sakichi Abe won the titles in U21 Kata Female and Male respectively. Sara Terazawa extended the gold medal count for Japan with her title in U21 Kumite Female +68kg

After winning two golds in Junior categories, Kazakhstan celebrated more triumphs in U21. Nikol Tsengel became the champion in U21 Kumite Female -61kg as Olzhas Altynbek claimed gold in U21 Kumite Male -60kg.

The U21 categories provided an opportunity to showcase the popularity of Karate as nine different countries won gold. Umida Aisaeva won the title in U21 Kumite Female -50kg while Thi My Tam Hoang of Vietnam prevailed in U21 Kumite Female -55kg. Fatma Khasaif of the United Arab Emirates claimed the crown in U21 Kumite Female -68kg as Turki Alnami of Saudi Arabia dominated U21 Kumite Male -55kg.

The list of countries was extended in U21 Kumite Male -67kg and U21 Kumite -84kg with the golds going to Afeef Ghaith and Mohammad Aljafari of Jordan.

In U21 Kumite Male -75kg the crown was claimed by Nazim Nurlanov of Kyrgyzstan, as Mahmoud Nemati of Iran took the title in U21 Kumite Male +84kg.


The first edition of the AKF Para-Karate Championships was held in Tashkent, a testament to the tremendous growth of the discipline for athletes with disabilities. 

Saudi Arabia and Kazakhstan were the big winners of the Para-Karate competition in Tashkent. Zhussupova Lyazzat of Kazakhstan is the first continental champion in Visually Impaired Female K10. The second title for the powerhouse nation of Kazakhstan in Para-Karate came in Intellectually Impaired Female K22, with the gold going to Dayana Saparbayeva

Meanwhile, Aljuaid Abdullah of Saudi Arabia claimed the title in Visually Impaired Male K10 and his team-mate Khouj Faris won the crown in Intellectually Impaired Male K22. The Saudi delegation wrapped up their gold medal count in Para-Karate with the crown by Alburayh Rasheed in Wheelchair User Male K30.  

The crown in Intellectually Impaired Male K21 was taken by Juraev Gayrat of Uzbekistan.  

The competition continues Monday with day 4 of action from Kazakhstan. CLICK HERE to go to the micro-site of the 2022 AKF Championships.

(Pictures: AKF Official Media)