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Anti-Doping Outreach at Dubai World Championships


Anti-Doping Outreach at Dubai World Championships

On November 19 – 20, 2021, at the main entrance of the Dubai Senior World Championships 2021, the WKF Stand provided multiple services like the voting for the Athlete´s Commission, the WKF Online Store and the WKF Anti-Doping Outreach.

Between competing and spectating, athletes and coaches alike could be found crowding around the WKF Stand. The buzzing mass could be heard cheering, sighing and intensely silent at any given point for over 30 minutes. At closer inspection, the unwearied eyes were locked onto an Anti-Doping Outreach which sought to take advantage of the competitive spirit of the participants and put their Anti-Doping knowledge to the tests. 

Powered by the popular learning E-tool Kahoot, the tournament-style quiz platform, 40 Anti-doping questions would appear on the TV monitor one by one, with either true or false or quiz type questions. The participants had an allotted amount of time to answer each question on their tablets or phones. Points were earned by selecting the correct answer and by the speed at which they were selected, and, ultimately, participants were awarded ranks of 1st, 2nd, and  3rd.

Due to the success, the Anti-Doping Quiz will be translated to multiple languages and differentiated between levels of difficulty to better tailor to the needs of all learners and to be more inclusive.

For more information, the WKF encourages you to go to the WKF Anti-Doping page (link) as well as WADA´s Anti-Doping Education and Learning platform ADEL (link) where you can find free online courses, webinars, and more.