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ANOC World Beach Games on horizon as WKF Technical Delegate visits Bali


ANOC World Beach Games on horizon as WKF Technical Delegate visits Bali

WKF’s Organising Commission Chairman Esteban Perez travelled to Bali (Indonesia) this past week to participate in the International Federation Technical Delegate meeting of the 2023 ANOC World Beach Games.

Mr Perez reviewed the logistics and clusters of venues for the event which is scheduled for August 5-12, 2023. He was accompanied by the Technical Delegate Assistant Nguyen Hoang Ngan who also travelled to Bali to attend the meeting and who is a member of the WKF Athletes’ Commission.

Conversations on the schedule, Games services, equipment, and suppliers were on the agenda as Mr Perez highlighted the perfect conditions for the celebration of the tournament

WKF’s officials joined the rest of the Technical Delegates of all the sports on the programme to discuss the Bali 2023 Games plan.

WKF Organising Commission Chairman Esteban Perez said:

“The Karate competition of the ANOC World Beach Games will follow the same competition format as our events of Karate 1-Premier League, with a Round Robin system of groups of four followed by quarterfinals, semi-finals, finals and with two bronze medals awarded.

“After three intense days of meetings, presentations and visits to the different venues, our competition will be held in the area of Nusa-Dua. I want to thank the representatives of ANOC, the Indonesia Olympic Committee, and the local organising committee for their hospitality. See you in Bali!”       

WKF President Antonio Espinós said:

“The ANOC World Beach Games will be one of the highlights of our international calendar next year. As a founding sport of the ANOC World Beach Games, we are proud to be included in this second edition of the multi-sport event. We are convinced that Karate, through its modality of Kata will bring great added value to the competition. Fans from all over the world will be able to enjoy the honour, respect, sporting spirit and uniqueness of the Kata competition on the sand in less than a year”.

(Top picture: WKF Officials Esteban Perez and Nguyen Hoang Ngan pose with a member of the Indonesia Karate Federation on the beach to host the Karate event.)