All you need to know about #Karate1Paris


All you need to know about #Karate1Paris

The season of the 2024 Karate 1-Premier League begins this weekend in Paris (France). Karate’s first-class series of events will make a triumphant return to the French capital marking the opening tournament of the season.


  • The Karate 1-Premier League Paris is the first tournament of the season of Karate’s first-class series of events.   
  • After Paris, the series of international tournaments will travel to Antalya (Turkiye), Cairo (Egypt), and Casablanca (Morocco).  


  • The tournament takes place at the Pierre de Coubertin Sports Hall.
  • Traditionally the flagship Karate 1 event of the year, the Karate 1-Premier League returns to Paris after a three-year hiatus.
  • Before the hiatus in 2020, Paris had intermittently hosted Karate 1-Premier League events since the onset of the tournament in 2011.


  • The event is scheduled from January 26 to 28.  
  • The eliminations will be held on Friday and Saturday (from 09.00 to 20.30 local time, GMT+1).
  • The bronze medal bouts are scheduled for Sunday, from 10.00 to 14.30. The finals will be held on Sunday from 15.30 to 18.00
  • CLICK HERE to go to the full competition programme.



  • No less than 376 athletes from 61 countries have registered to participate in the event.
  • With participation in the Karate 1-Premier League limited to a maximum of 32 athletes per category, the 2024 Karate 1-Premier League achieves a milestone for the sport as the registration hits full capacity across all the categories.
  • The powerhouse nation of Italy presents the largest delegation in Paris, with 34 athletes. The birth nation of the sport of Japan, with 25 athletes, and the leading nation of Turkiye, with 23 competitors, also participate with a large number of competitors.   


  • The competition follows a round-robin format in the eliminations. The quarter-finals, semi-finals, and medal bouts follow a knockout system.


  • No less than 11 out of the 12 Grand Winners and 8 out of the 12 defending world champions have registered to participate in Paris.
  • As the first event of the season, the tournament in Paris will mark the debut of the new Grand Winners after their crowning at the closing event of the last season in Dublin.
  • Returning Grand Winners Yorgelis Salazar of Venezuela, Anzhelika Terliuga of Ukraine, and Ayumi Uekusa of Japan will go back to wearing the special karategi with the golden embroidery, while new Grand Winners Reem Khamis of Germany and Quentin Mahauden of Belgium, among others, make their introduction as the “Best of the Best” of last season.
  • The tournament in Paris will also offer fans the chance to see the new World Champions in action after their triumph at the World Championships in Budapest. Kazakhstan’s Moldir Zhangbyrbay, China’s Li Gong, Egypt’s Youssef Badawy, and Greece’s Christos-Stefanos Xenos are among the new world title-holders competing in Paris.


  • The eliminations, quarter-finals, and semifinals are available LIVE on the WKF YouTube channel. CLICK HERE to go to the WKF YouTube channel.  
  • The Bronze medal bouts and Finals on Sunday are available on a number of TV networks and platforms around the world. CLICK HERE to access the full list of TV providers and platforms.
  • The Bronze medal bouts and Finals will also be available on the WKF YouTube channel in those countries without TV broadcasts.
  • The Official Draw of the competition will be available by streaming on the WKF YouTube channel on Thursday, January 25 at 19.00 (GMT +1)CLICK HERE to go to the WKF YouTube channel.