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African Karate set course to future on UFAK General Assembly


Representatives of 27 African countries gathered in Yaounde (Cameroon) for the 2017 UFAK General Assembly.  The roadmap for the progress of the sport in the African continent was set with significant decisions.

The UFAK General Assembly was headed by African Karate Federation President Mohamed Tahar Mesbahi. The plenary session was held in Yaounde coinciding with the celebration in the Cameroonian city of the 2017 UFAK Karate Championships.

The UFAK General Assembly decided to determine the hosts of the upcoming Senior and Junior Championships in the continent. Rwanda will organise the tournament next year, while Botswana and Cote d’Ivoire will act as hosts in 2019 and 2020 respectively. The 2021 and 2022 editions of the UFAK Senior and Juniors Championships will be celebrated in Benin and Chad.

The new UFAK Executive Committee was also elected. The composition of the UFAK management body for a new four-year term will be as follows:

President:  Mohamed Tahar Mesbahi  (ALG)                                
1st Vice-president:  Bechir  Cherif  (TUN)                                            
2nd Vice-president : Souleymane  Gaye  (SEN)                                            
Secretary General : Emmanuel Bilal Wakam (CAM)                                       
Treasure General: Dieudonné Okombi (CGO)                                              
3rd Vice-president: Million Tabalum Masumbicka (BOT)                                
4th Vice-president: Esayed Nasr Esayed (EGY)

The zone areas presidents were also designated thus resulting in the following configuration:

President Zone 1: Arab   Yacine  (ALG)                                                    
President Zone 2: Mamadou Sarr (SEN)                                                 
President Zone 3: Yai Vincent  (CIV)                                                
President Zone 4: Dieudonné Okombi  (CGO)                                        
President Zone 5: Theogene Uwayo  (RWA)                                           
President Zone 6: Million Tabalum Masumbicka  (BOT)                      
President Zone 7: Soloforinina Vomanana  (MAD)

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