Continental Championships

2020 UFAK Junior and senior Championships, Tangier, Morrocco


2020 UFAK Junior and senior Championships, Tangier, Morrocco

Enjoying a rich history and a unique geographical location, Tangier sits majestically between a sea and an ocean at the crossroads of several civilizations. With the opening of Tanger Med, the city is in the process of becoming one of the world's largest maritime hubs.

Over a long period of time Tangier has acted as a tourist and cultural capital of the Kingdom due to its mild and temperate climate, its superb landscapes and exclusive stamp allowing this lovely city to exude an intense feeling of well-being and serenity.

Tangier or Tanjah in Arabic, is actually a little stretch of paradise that has served as an inspiration to several artists from a wide range of disciplines. It is a genuine venue where a myriad of world influences converge.

Apart from its multicultural and tourist aspects, the region of Tangier, via its various infrastructures, the quality of its resources and the diversity of its industrial fabric is currently Morocco's second ranking center of economic activity.

"It is a great honor for me and all the members of the Moroccan Karate Federation & DA to invite all the competitors from the African countries to participate in the 19th Senior - 11th Junior & 3rd Cadet African Championship, which will take place to one of the beautiful Touristic Cities-Tangier, on 07 - 09 February 2020.
It's my pleasure to welcome all of you again to feel the Moroccan hospitality and enjoying your staying in Tangier, wishing all the best for all the participants and hoping to achieve what our leadership aims for... to be always in the first in everything. Welcome Africa... 

Mohamed MOUKTABIL FRMK & DA President"