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Athletes' Entourage

The Athletes Entourage Commission (WKF AEC) was formed during the WKF Senior Championships in Paris in November 2012. The athletes’ entourage comprises all the people associated with the athletes, including, but not limited to managers, agents, coaches, physical trainers, medical staff, scientists, sports organizations, sponsors, lawyers and any person promoting the athlete’s sporting career, including family members and friends.

- General Principles :
. The entourage must respect and promote ethical principles, including those contained in the Olympic Charter, the IOC Code of Ethics, the WADA Code, the Rules and Regulations of the WKF generally accepted norms for good sportsmanship.
. The entourage must, in accordance with such principles, always act in the best interests of the athlete.
. Minors must be given special care and consideration.

- Points of Recommendations :
. Integrity: conflict of interest, bribery, doping, betting, harassment, influence ;
. Condentiality : relationship, information ;
. Transparency : interactions clearly defined
. Responsability / Accountability : respect and promote rules and regulations of the
WKF, informations to athletes of all dealings

- Safe Karate

The WKF is committed to safeguarding all of its athletes and has the utmost respect for their safety, welfare and dignity. The Safe Sport Policy has been developed to offer the safest possible environment to practice Karate, free of any type of harassment and abuse.

Any cases of abuse or harassment should be reported via the WKF Official Complaint Form and sent to the WKF Safeguarding Officer at

Further information and resources, including the IOC Safeguarding Toolkit and the IOC Athlete Safeguarding E-learning Course can also be found on the Safe Karate webpage on the WKF website.

Interviews with Karate personalities on the importance of Athletes' Entourage.

Dr. Rafael Arriaza

Davide Benetello

Antonio Diaz

Carmela Diaz

Francis Didier

Souleymane Gaye

Roland Lowinger

Dr Wayne Otto Obe

Tsuguo Sakumoto

Tessy Scholtes

Luca Valdesi




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