Tokaido was the first producer of karate uniforms, after Karate came from the Ryukyu-Islands to central Japan and later the world. Before that athletes mostly practiced Karate while wearing their regular clothes or even Judo suits. Our Karate gear profits from our huge experience and is still regarded as the worldwide standard.

The uniforms are made from active and experienced Karateka by manual labour.The cotton we use comes from a centuries old process that has been used for making the best cotton textiles of Japan.

Through the use of the newest science and new manufacturing processes we have managed to improve our products even further and to customize them for the needs of our customers. For that reason our suits are very durable and will last for decades if you take care of them properly. Check them out and you will understand why Top athletes and passionate Karatekas have chosen Tokaido

Main Office

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Japan 556-0011
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