The Budo-Nord KATA is a quality uniform with ancestery dating back to the 80’s when it replaced the Budo-Nord ***. Since then this has been the favorite uniform with the karate elite. You have surely seen our pictures of famous karate profiles wearing the Budo-Nord KATA.

The Budo-Nord Premium Kata is a pure kata-uniform with a generous cut, long jacket and wide pants, all according to WKF rules and regulations for kata competitions. Crafted from brushed cotton canvas of highest quality. This is a very durable fabric with a long lifespan and it feels nice and comfortable washing after washing. Double seams, ventilation zones, and reinforcements are some of the features which makes this the best karate uniform on the market. This is the National Team uniform in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

A little over two years ago it was brought to our attention by Karin Hägglund (Katacoach for the Swedish national team) that our old KATA did not fit her very well. This was the starting point for the development of a completely new version of our popular uniform.

The new version is based on how children and young adults are built, and from this information we have developed new measurements.

We’ve changed the following measurements:

Hip width

Leg width

Croch width

Chest width

Width of sleeves and stomach.

This allows for a uniform with a much smaller body width which suits young, slender and fit people much better. We’ve also made the collar much sturdier – this provides a more stable feeling and a fresh look.

We call this new uniform Budo-Nord KATA Premium Slimfit.

The uniform shinks 3-5% in 60°C. It is mainly the length of the jacket which shrinks and this should be considered when trying out your size.

Brushed canvas

High quality cotton canvas

Ventilations zones

Trousers feature a drawstring and elastic rib.

WKF approved.

Kata cut


Budo & Fitness Sport - BUDO-NORD got the WKF APPROVED for the following Karate-gi model;

Kata: “Budo-Nord Kata WKF Premium”



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