The new WKF body protector from Budo-Nord has a slightly wider cut at the chest level. It now suits women and men equally well. We have also made the shoulder straps adjustable so you can fit the protector after your own body. The Budo-Nord WKF Body protector is lightweight and flexible body protector that won’t interfere with fast movements. The protector dampens and spreads shock power over a larger area. The protector has been developed by WKF in order to reduce rib-fractures among other things. The protector is to be used underneath the suit and is worn like a vest with adjustable straps in the back. The protector is WKF-approved for competitions, and its use is mandatory for all cadets in all WKF-sanctioned competitions. We recommend that you use this protector for kumite-practice as well.  

The Budo-Nord WKF Body Protector is made out of 45% polyamide, 25% polyester, 25% EVA and 5% rubber. This is the perfect combination for a body protector. The Budo-Nord WKF Body Protector is designed to meet the high standards of the elite when it comes to fit and function. The materials also allow for a substantial durability. A wider design which covers the entire chest area. The fit is adjustable via the buckles on the shoulder straps. The Budo-Nord WKF Body Protector is composed of materials which ensure a low product weight.

The Budo-Nord WKF Body Protector is available in five sizes, XS-XL. Wash the protector in 40 degrees Celsius. The protector is certified by CRITT Sport Loisirs. EPI Sport Testing Laboratory in France. CE standard NF EN13277-3 03/2014. The Budo-Nord WKF Body Protector is WKF-approved


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