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Karate 1 - Series A

Karate1 Series A

The project comprises up to 10 competitions yearly. It is the first time that WKF organizes competition with prize money for the winners and additionally the karate 1 big winner of the year per category who will be coming from the Karate1 ranking list.

This new programme will automatically raise the annual number of WKF events allowing the participation of all competitors interested and not just the elite of karate as it was the case until now with the World Championships.

For information on how to organize a Karate 1 championships contact

Karate 1 - Serie A Toledo 2017, June 17-18 Karate 1 - Serie A Istanbul, September 23-24 Karate 1 - Serie A Salzburg, October 7-8 Karate 1 - Serie A Okinawa, November 25-26


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