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Karate 1 - Series A

Karate1 Series A

The WKF Karate 1-Series A is a world-class competition that provides karatekas around the world with more competitive opportunities to shine at the highest level. Presented in an open format thus allowing every athlete in the world to compete, the Karate 1-Series A is framed under the umbrella of the Karate 1 to bring together the best competitors in a series of open championships of unprecedented scale and quality.

Karate 1 - Series A Guadalajara 2018, February 9-11 Karate 1 - Series A Salzburg 2018, March 2-4 Karate 1 - Series A Santiago 2018, September 21-23 Karate 1 - Series A Shanghai 2018, December 7-9
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