• Karate Bremen 2014 – A showcase of the success for the media strategy

    Since a few years now, the WKF is committed to a strategy of development of its visibility all around the world, focusing on two domains: TV production/broadcast and social media. The World Senior Championships that took place in Bremen (Germany) (...)

  • WKF and SportAccord’s Doping-Free Sport Unit (DFSU) joint efforts on anti-doping education at World Karate Championships

    SportAccord’s DFSU participated in WKF’s continuous efforts to keep karate free of doping through education and prevention, on the occasion of the recent WKF World Championships in Bremen, Germany.  The World Anti-Doping Agency (...)

  • Online Signature-collecting Campaign for Karate into the Olympics 2020

    Looking forward to the Tokyo Olympics 2020, Japan Karatedo Federation, in coordination with the WKF, has been making every effort for the inclusion of Karate into the Olympics with the support of Nippon Budo-kan, Japan Budo Association, and the (...)

  • Athletes Commission in Bremen

    During the World Senior Championships 2014 in Bremen (Germany), the election of two new members of the Athletes Commission took place. The list of candidates was formed by a total of 6 athletes from 4 different countries and 5 National Federations, (...)

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