• Pan American Sports Festival

    The first edition of the Pan American Sports Festival is being successfully organized by the Pan American Sports Organization (PASO) across different cities in Mexico. A total of 28 individual sport disciplines participate in this event, and Karate (...)


    A WKF delegation visited the IOC headquarters in Lausanne on the 28th of July to meet its President Mr. Thomas Bach, who was accompanied by the IOC Sports Director Mr. Kit McConnell. The WKF delegation was composed by the WKF President Mr. Antonio (...)

  • Karate will take part in the Pan American Sports Festival 2014

    In anticipation of next summer’s Pan American Games in Toronto, the first Pan American Sports Festival will be taking place in various Mexican cities this summer from July to September. The Pan American Sports Organization created this (...)

  • 22nd World Senior Karate Championships - Bremen, Germany (November 5 to 9, 2014)

    Preparing a World Championships is an extraordinary task. The chairmen of the Bremen Organizing Committee, Reiner Zimbalski and Horst Kaireit, talk about ideas, wishes and a lot of work.Why and when did you decide to become a candidate for the (...)

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